Arriving in Cambridge

Arriving in Cambridge

No matter if it is your first time away from home or if you have been traveling for most of your life, it is easy to feel slightly overwhelmed when you first arrive. Thankfully, if you are arriving as a student, the college system will set you up and provide you with most things that you need, including accommodation. However, there are a number of other things that could be good to think about:

Setting up a UK bank account: Life will be considerably easier if you set up a UK bank account. Please be aware of that this may take some time so patience will be your best friend here

Registering with a medical practice: When you first arrive, it is important that you resister with a medical practice (also called a General Practitioner -GP) nearby so you can get healthcare

Missing Home? 

Cambridge University Scandinavian Society aims to provide a ‘Home Away from Home’ for its members so no matter if you miss Kalles Kaviar, your Iittala mug or “the happiest people in the world”, we hope you can find some comfort with us. And, if ScanSoc is not enough for you, you can also join the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) ( if you are Norwegian, Danish Students Abroad (DSA) ( if you are Danish or Swedish International Alumni ( if you are Swedish

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