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Who are we?

The Cambridge University Scandinavian Society (ScanSoc) was originally formed in 1932 “to further the knowledge of Scandinavian culture and to promote intercourse between British and Scandanavian students”. Today, ScanSoc is a flourishing student society with around 300 members. It consists of people with Scandinavian background, as well as people with a keen interest in the Scandinavian countries and their culture. Thus, it provides both ‘A Home Away from Home’ as well as an insight into Scandinavian culture

The term ‘Scandinavian’ is here used to encompass all the countries in the Nordic region, including Finland and Iceland with Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are more commonly referred to as ‘Scandinavia’

What do we do?

The aims of ScanSoc are to offer a Scandinavian community for its members, to promote Scandinavia in Cambridge, and to encourage and provide support for prospective Scandinavian students. For this end, we organise a wide variety of events throughout the year, including an introductory event at the beginning of Michaelmas term to welcome new members, several formal dinners in various colleges around Cambridge, a Garden Party in May week, and the annual collaborative Oxford/Cambridge Ambassadors’ Dinner.


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